Relaunch Your Life

Relaunch Your Life: Break the Cycle of Self-Defeat, Destroy Negative Emotions and Reclaim Your Personal Power

Is low self-esteem damaging your confidence? Do you want to eliminate the power negative emotions have over you? Are you feeling shy,awkward, and disconnected?

Our negative patterns, thoughts, and behaviors keep us trapped, miserable, and frustrated. The steps in this book encourage you to take action, recognize your negative patterns, and then apply strategies for personal recovery.

Relaunch Your Life takes you by the hand and guides you through the four mindsets that are failing you. You will learn to overcome fear and uncertainty, remove your issues with low self-esteem, and and put an end to the negative emotions stopping you from living the life you really want.

In this book I will show you how to break the cycle of self defeat keeping you trapped, reinvent how you feel about your self-image, and confront your fears of vulnerability. You will also learn how to stop comparing yourself to everyone else, raise your standards for success, and achieve greater satisfaction in your personal and business relationships.

Break the Cycle of Self-Defeat, Destroy Negative Emotions, and Reclaim Your Personal Power.

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Grady Harp 

 Top 100 Reviewer 


The approach Scott uses is sharing his own experiences, making the aspects of fears we have a comfortable discussion rather than a threatening one. The fear won't go away until you deal with it, You'll always have fear about something, and 99% of your fears are illusions.' Sage advice from a fine coach and caring teacher.


Barry Watson

Bestselling Author of Relationship Rehab


This book came at an important time of transition for me. The idea about taking a step towards what you desire, regardless of the outcome was very helpful. If you're looking for a very practical approach to managing the big or small fears in your life, I believe this book will be of great help to you.


Sam Thoma

Amazon Customer


Great read with practical advice on recognizing the ways fear is hindering you and how to overcome those fears to live the life of your dreams. This is a must read for anyone who finds themselves unable to take the actions they need to change their lives.

Break the Cycle of Self-Defeat, Destroy Negative Emotions, and Reclaim Your Personal Power.