empower your life
Empower Your Life

Empower Your Life: The 9 Timeless Principles To Unlock Your Purpose, Fulfill Your Destiny, and Supercharge Your Success

Are you tired of living a lifestyle without a clear purpose? Do you want to create greater opportunities for your business and your life? Do you want to overcome the challenges holding you back?

One of the biggest failures people make in their lives is that they settle for what is out there. Instead of building a life and learning to level up as they go, we take the choices available instead of going after what we really want. We master jobs we grow to hate and create habits that have no value. We learn to succeed in things that are not important.

In this book you will...

Master your goals. Master achievers are people with a plan, and mapping out your goals brings that plan to fruition. When you know what your goals are, you’re 300% more likely to achieve your dreams. Empower Your Life walks you through the steps for setting up your goals for life.

Attract opportunity. If you don’t know what you want, you’ll end up chasing things you don’t need. We can create the opportunities in our lives by knowing what we want and how to recognize the right opportunity when it appears.

Create your life blueprint. Get clear about why you are here and how to tap into the best parts of this journey through purpose, clarity, and open honesty with yourself. In this book you will learn the core traits of successful people and learn to implement these strategies for your success.

Empower Your Life teaches you through nine principles how to create the life you want that delivers maximum value. The goal is to live by intention and not default. In this book you can maximize your success, create more abundance, and live your life with greater clarity when you are focused on what matters most.

Here's what people are saying...


Barrie Davenport

Bestselling Author of Sticky Habits​​​​


Empower Your Life gives you a clear roadmap to figure out why you are put on this Earth and how to make your purpose the centerpiece of your life. He doesn't provide esoteric concepts -- he offers nine principles to self-create the best life you envision for yourself (based on your life mission) with specific actions and exercises to move forward and push past challenges and roadblocks.


Paul G. Brodie

Bestselling Author of Positivity Attracts


The nine principles were eye opening and very helpful towards achieving what you want in life. The Author also covers how to eliminate distractions and how to create positive habits to empower our lives. This book is full of great information and is very positive and encouraging for the reader.


Amazon Customer


If you have time for only one self-development book, this should be the one in your tote bag for those otherwise wasted moments of standing in lines or waiting for appointments; on your nightstand for quiet reflection before sleeping, or close to hand, if your job involves 'quiet moments' of waiting for clients or customers. No matter what age or stage of life you are, this is a book that will help you clear away the distractions and see a clear path forward to a better life.